About Me

Akın Acar, who was born in Denizli, graduated from Dicle University department of Turkish Language and Literature and he has been working as a teacher for a long time.

He has been interested in photography arts and in international photograph federation patronaged competitions he received almost 500 awards and displays from 50 countries.

Owing to his accomplishments, he was awarded to AFIAP ( international photograph artist) appellation by FIAP in 2013.

As a result of his photographic presantations titled ‘ Our Turkey’s success in 3 years over and over, he was rewarded The Sami Güner Cup which is one of the mosy prestigious photograph awards in Turkey.

Also he was rewarded The AFAD Special Prize With an 85 photographs presentation reflecting the extinction of small creatures in nature in 2011.

He prepared a project including 90 photographs named ‘ I Heard A Sound’ to draw attention on insect smuggling striving to send them out of Turkey. He was rewarded The Sami Güner 1st Round Cup for this work.

In his project titled ‘ Scream’ including 90 photographs, he reflected the story of small creatures losing their habitats. He was rewarded The AFAD Special Prize one more time in 2012.

He received The Sami Güner 2nd Round Cup for a project including 85 photographs which brings consciousness of small creatures titled ‘The Lost Paradise’ in 2013.

He struggled to inform humans about the small creatures' predicament, which was caused by some projects in his work called ‘ Water of Life’. He displayed the small creature species losing their habitats especially due to unconscious blocking of river bands. He received The Sami Güner 3rd Round Cup in 2014.

He strives to express that small creatures help the increase of human life's quality and the continuity of nature in all his presentations and TV programmes using his photographs.

Besides macro photographs, he has photographs reflecting Anatolia and its culture, traditions and people.

Akın Acar, who believes in the emphasis of the photograph associations, is a member of Sille Art Palace and Antalya Photograph and Cinema Amateurs Association.